AmI 2017 Program


Program Highlights

Opening Keynote

Reconciling Humans and Technology: The Role of Ambient Intelligence

Dr. Dr. Norbert A. Streitz, Scientific Director, Smart Future Initiative

In this keynote presentation, Dr. Dr. Norbert Streitz will discuss the role of Ambient Intelligence in a range of technical and social contexts we are currently experiencing. Examples of these “smart” or “intelligent” environments and application scenarios are smart cities and airports, smart mobility, connected cars, autonomous driving, location-based services.

Dr. Dr. Norbert Streitz (Ph.D. in physics, Ph.D. in cognitive science) is a Senior Scientist and Strategic Advisor with more than 35 years of experience in information and communication technology. Founder and Scientific Director of the Smart Future Initiative (SFI) launched in 2009.

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Closing Keynote

Security and Privacy in Very Large Systems – Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Reiner Wichert, Center for Research in Security and Privacy CRISP, Germany

In this keynote, Dr Wichert will discuss the way digitization will change our homes in the near future, having a considerable economic potential impact for growth, but also linked to an underestimation of security and privacy of such complex systems, and will demonstrate why a revision of entire system concepts and designs for security and privacy is mandatory.

Dr. Reiner Wichert is Managing Director of the largest research organization for cybersecurity in Europe, the Center for Research in Security and Privacy (CRISP) with more than 450 researchers. He was Department Head of the department Interactive Multimedia Appliance at Fraunhofer IGD for more than 10 years. He has been involved in numerous initiatives related to Ambient Intelligence, Ambient Assisted Living and the Internet of Things.

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AmI 2017 Conference Program


    13:30-15:00Registration opens
    15:00-15:15Plenary – Opening by the chairs

    Session 1 – Mobile Applications

    Session Chair: Shin’ichi Konomi

    • Exploring the Use of Ambient WiFi Signals to Find Vacant Houses
    • Which mobile health toolkit should a service provider choose? A comparative evaluation of Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, and Samsung Digital Health Platform
    • Mobility competencies of people with Down syndrome supported by technical assistance – Results of the Requirement Analysis in POSEIDON Project
    16:45-17:00Coffee break

    Plenary – Opening Keynote – Dr. Dr. Norbert Streitz

    Reconciling Humans and Technology:  The Role of Ambient Intelligence

    18:00-21:00Welcome reception


    Session 2 – Assistance with Ambient Intelligence

    Session Chair: Antonio Maña

    • Exploring Design Opportunities for Intelligent Worker Assistance: A new Approach Using Projection-Based AR and a Novel Hand-Tracking Algorithm
    • Safety Services in Smart Environments using Depth Cameras
    • Voices and Views of Informal Caregivers: Investigating Ambient Assisted Living Technologies
    10:30-11:00Coffee break

    Session 3 – Interaction in Ambient Intelligence

    Session Chair: Arjan Kuijper

    • A Framework for Distributed Interaction in Intelligent Environments
    • HUDConCap – Automotive Head-Up Display Controlled with Capacitive Proximity Sensing
    • A Framework for Responsive Environments
    12:30-13:30Lunch break

    Session 4 – Emerging applications for the Internet of Things

    Session Chair: Helmi Ben Hmida

    • AuthentiCap – A Touchless Vehicle Authentication & Personalization System
    • Indoor Localization Based on Passive Electric Field Sensing
    • Easy to Install Indoor Positioning System that Parasitizes Home Lighting
    • An Exploratory Study on Electric Field Sensing
    15:30-16:00Coffee break

    Session 5 – Smart Home of the Future

    Session Chair: Hristo Koshutanski

    • Opportunities for Biometric Technologies in Smart Environments
    • E-textile Couch: Towards Smart Garments integrated Furniture
    • Context-Aware Monitoring Agents For Ambient Assisted Living Applications
    20:00-22:30Gala dinner


    Session 6 – Novel sensing technologies and applications

    Session Chair: Andreas Braun

    • Engineering a Cyber-Physical Intersection Management – an Experience Report
    • Contextual Requirements Prioritization and its Application to Smart Homes
    • Visual End-User Programming of Personalized AAL in the Internet of Things
    • New approach for optimizing the usage of situation recognition algorithms within IoT domains
    11:00-11:30Coffee break

    Session 7 – Special Session: Smart Cities

    Session Chair: Antonio Mana


    • David Bueno Vallejo. Málaga Townhall Computing Center.
    • Africa G. Zanella. CSGE-Centre for Sustainability and Gender Economics.
    • Melinda Ratkai. Universidad de Málaga.

    Panel discussion: “Bright and Dark visions of future Smart Cities”

    • Panelists: Norbert Streitz, Andreas Braun, Reiner Wichert, David Bueno, Antonio Maña.
    13:30-14:30Lunch break
    14:30-15:30Plenary – Closing Keynote by Dr. Reiner Wichert
    Security and Privacy in Very Large Systems – Challenges and Opportunities
    15:30-16:00Best paper awards
    17:30-21:00Friday afternoon/evening social program

Floor plan of the Ada Byron Research Building