Call for Workshop Proposals

Ambient Intelligence refers to working and living environments that are populated unobtrusively by embedded devices. These are specialised in one or more capabilities, and are intended to work together on an infrastructure of intelligent systems, to provide a variety of services improving safety, security and the quality of life in ordinary living, travelling and working environments.

The 2018 European Conference on Ambient Intelligence has a focus on the role of Ambient Intelligence in providing Smart and Human Centred Internet of Things. It provides a forum for discussing and presenting interdisciplinary work by researchers, designers and practitioners.

The workshops at AmI2018 will enhance and complement the conference program by providing an opportunity to present new or emerging and cutting-edge topics of particular interest in the field and related areas.

We invite workshop proposals in any topic(s) of interest to Ambient Intelligence and related to the conference. Each workshop proposal should be emailed to the two workshop chairs, and should contain the following information: workshop title, duration (half day or full day), a description of the specific scientific/technical scope of the workshop, a list of topics of interest, the reasons why the workshop should be held within AmI2018, details of all the members of the Organizing Committee (OC), relevant experience of the organizers, identification of the member of the OC who is the contact person, the list of members of Workshop Program Committee, a preliminary version of the Call for Papers, the proposed structure of the workshop, planned forms of publicity and publication plans (if any, or if they want to publish in the collective volume, see below).

Workshop Acceptance Rules

The decision on which proposed workshops get accepted will be carried-out through a two-stage process. Initially some of the workshops proposed will be short-listed, based on the quality of the proposal and the relevance of the topics covered. These workshops will later be confirmed at the Final Selection Stage if they have successfully attracted a sufficient number of reasonable quality submissions and the corresponding number of registrations for these submissions. Indicative numbers: half-day workshops should have at least 5 registrations and full day workshops should have at least 10. If necessary, workshops will be merged to provide a viable programme.

Financial Support

Some degree of financial support may be given to the workshop organizers, dependent on the success of the workshop.

Workshops Chairs
Ioannis Chatzigiannakis
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Fariba Sadri
Imperial College London, UK